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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Texas Best Dancer AfterMovie

Texas's Best Dancer was an "all styles" battle to see who the best dancer is overall. It was  judged by the crowd, using red and blue...

Day for Night 2016 – The Festival Of The Future

Day for Night is a festival featuring an intense amount of art installations and one of the most anticipated of them all, Bjork Digital....

International Puerto Rico Tattoo Convention 2016

This past December 2-4 2016 Puerto Rico celebrated it's 1st International Tattoo Convention hosted by Sparkof Entertainment Group Corp at the Puerto Rico Convention Center...
liz story

How EDM Made My Life Better

EDM has made such a huge impact on my life by allowing me to feel free and open to all possibilities. Growing up I was...
tgv the good vibes

What To Expect From TGV

In a world that is filled with judgement, bad news and a stress-full daily life, sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses....

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